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Sandhi Sudha Oil helps take care of almost all types of body pains ranging from back pains, arthritis, joint pains and elbow pains. It has many uses. Its main ingredients are natural extracts that help restore the body's health to its original state. Sandhi Sudha is now better than ever before. This is after the evolution of the new advanced formula Sandhi Sudha plus which is more effective and works even faster in relieving pain. This has made the product very popular where many trust its effectiveness in dealing with most body aches and pains.


This Product is very effective in dealing with most types of body pains ranging from joint pains, elbow pains, hip and knee joint pains.

Why Do People Get Joint Pains?
In order to understand how the product works, you need to know what causes joint pains. The pain is usually because of friction due to a lack of Synovial Fluid present in the joints. As you age, the fluid reduces which is why most old people suffer from joint pains. Other causes of reduction of the joint fluid are obesity, injuries to the joints and adopting a wrong posture. When the balance of the fluid in the joints depletes, this may lead to serious problems such as arthritis.

How Does Sandhi Plus Oil Work?

Injured joints lack sufficient blood flow. When you apply Sandhi plus oil on the affected areas, it starts repairing the joints allowing more blood to flow to the areas. This helps the Synovial Gland to produce more fluid that flows into the joints. This eventually makes the joint pains disappear and the smoothness and strength of the joints gets restored to its original state. This oil does not only work on the joints but also on any other part of the body where there is pain.

What is the Difference between
Sandhi Oil and Sandhi Plus oil?

The Sandhi Oil is made from naturally occurring extracts. Its main objective is to deal with pains occurring on the joints, arthritis, cervical pains, back and shoulder pains. This it does by naturally restoring the presence of the Synovial Fluid in the affected areas whose absence is the main cause of the pains. Sandhi Plus Oil is an advanced formula of Sandhi Oil. This makes it more effective, stronger and faster in dealing with body pains. It also comes in a larger quantity and guarantees better and faster results.


Sandhi Plus Oil is not reserved for a particular group of people. Everyone should use it or have it. This is because we are all susceptible to body aches every now and then. The human body is of 206 bones and 210 joints, all which need the Synovial Fluid. Sometimes, the supply of this essential fluid to the joints may deplete causing a lot of pain and discomfort. Regular use of the oil will ensure that its supply is restored and the body continues functioning normally. This is especially helpful to the aged, obese and those suffering from joint injuries. If you neglect joint pains, they can lead to problems such as arthritis and joint swellings that are hard to deal with.


When you use Sandhi Plus Oil in dealing with knee pains, joint pains, shoulder and any other form of pain, you will start experiencing an immediate relief from the pain on the parts it you apply it on. This oil is the best pain relief oil you can ever get in the market.

What are the Benefits of Sandhi Oil?

The oil is very effective in dealing with arthritis, body pain, joint pains, shoulder pains and back pains.

After using the oil, you will feel more relaxed and energetic

Sandhi oil promotes the production of the Synovial Fluid which helps the joints to operate smoothly.

For women who suffer from back pain, this is an excellent solution.

It is also effective in dealing not only with joint pains but also with muscle stiffness

Even when one is experiencing severe pain or has not been able to use some joints or bones for a long period, the oil helps restore functionality.

How Do You Use the Oil?

Sandhi Plus oil should only be used externally.

You should take a teaspoon or two of the oil and apply on the affected areas with your fingertips.

Massage for a few minutes without putting too much pressure especially on injured parts. You should apply the oil in circular motion.

Repeat the procedure three times a day for about 15 days. Where the pain is a lot, you can repeat the process up to six times in a day.

Ensure that you use the oil 2 hours before taking a bath or 2 hours after bathing. It is more effective if you use it just before retiring for the night.

The Ingredients

A 200ml bottle of Sandhi plus Oil contains 2gm of Pan, 4gm of Gwarpatha, 12gm of Ashwagandha, 8gms of makarkara, 2gms of Hardi, 4gm of Rasna, 4gms of Nirgungi,4gms of Arand root, 4gms of Ajwain, Arand oil Q.S and Amritdhara Q.S.

Anyone can use the oil

For it to be effective, ensure regular use and apply at least 3 bottles of 525ml for about 120 days

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